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  #The Glory of the Lord, Shall be Seen in 2023!

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Welcome to Scarfree03Ministries

Here at Scarfree03Ministries we are dedicated to sharing the gospel of Christ all around the world. The healing and restoration of the body, mind and soul is the foundation for any individual to step into God’s calling on their life. Deep emotional fears, pains, and hurts from the past, effects from physical or emotional abuse, wrong and ungodly relationships, generational bondages and curses are holding many people captive.

The effects range from physical and emotional struggles, sicknesses and diseases; oppression and despair; addictions, wrong attachments and entanglements, to relationship and family issues, lack of direction as well as an incapability to stop old patterns. As a result many are not able to step into God's original plan and purpose for their life.

Then Your light shall Break forth like the morning. Your Healing shall spring forth speedily, and your Righteousness shall go before you: The Glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard. Isaiah 58:8.

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Shattered Mirror Volume II
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2023 This Year Is For Me!!!